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Experience Peace & Tranquillity on a Real Devon Working Organic Diary Farm

Award Winning Cow

Homer Farm was purchased by us in 2011 as an addition to Locksbeam Farm which is our home and where we keep our  herd of pedigree Ayrshire and Holstein dairy cows most of which are born on the farm.  Homer Farm had a lovely large farmhouse which after 12 months of renovation was given a new heart and lease of life and is now a Large Luxury Holiday Cottage.

Award Winning Cow

The land around Homer is part of our organic dairy farm, but is used mainly for growing crops grass' and arable silage(peas and barley) to feed our dairy cows and young throughout the winter months. If peace,  tranquillity and seclusion is your ideal holiday then you won’t be disappointed, we even have grass growing in the middle of the road!

Locksbeam Farm is just a ten minute car journey from Homer Farm Holiday Cottage where you are welcome to come and watch the milking and meet the baby calves. We supply Organic milk to OMSCo who in turn supply milk to the well known brand of Yeo Valley who make milk yogurt cheese and butter.

Richard and Tracey are the third generation of the martin family to farm in the area and hope one day that our family will one day follow in our footsteps. We are very passionate about farming and extremely proud of our pedigree herd which we like to show and which have won many awards. We look forward to all our guests visiting our farm so that they can enjoy and experience a real Devon working farm.